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The update of AutoUpdate v2.0 beta 1 patch 7 is online now. You can download it in the download section. Sorry, no complete installation. You need to install patch 6 and then update it to patch 7.
- murphy @615
In the next days i upload AutoUpdate v2.0 beta 1 patchlevel 7 to this site. Sorry, this is only a time-patch and some internal changes, nothing visually. I must say to you that the new AutoUpdate v2.0 beta 2 needs more work for running smooth - so hold on and use some more of the beta 1 state. I will promise, that beta 2 is much better than you expect and it is the wait worth. Bye!
- murphy @821
Hi! Here is the new state of AutoUpdate v2.0 beta 2. Currently i'm programming a new html-parsing engine with a new database engine. The database engine needs some more work, so i have no new screenshot for you. Sorry. That all for now. Bye folks.
- murphy @770
Hi! Here are some more Informations of whats new in AutoUpdate v2.0 beta 2. Have a look at this screenshot. It displays the current configuration dialog with all pages it has so far. The dialog is now useable with most of its options. Sure it isn't enabled for current system, because it needs many modifications in the main source. I will try to do this in the next weeks.
There are some new features:
  • Color - You can individually configure your color of the syntax-highlighting editor
  • History - Save all your posted news in other archive files.
  • Variables - Define language indipendent month- and day-names. You can use now month-names within german and english in different configurations.
  • Cycles - Cycle owner defined variables in your news entry.
  • Cache-System - You can cache your newsfiles and mark them with a crc. This means faster downloads for the news system and link system which will come some time.
  • Plugins - Here is the new system for preview plugins and some more tools. This system isn't developed yet, but i will look into it after releasing beta 2.
All other pages got a better look now and the have also their enhancements. You must wait some more time for the new version, because all the features are very complex to develop. I also switch the ftp-system to the new Indy-Components. The old WinShoes package is good, but the follower Indy is better and easier to use.
I would like to see some feedback on this dialog. Do you mean the new dialog is easier to use? Send me some comments. Thank you!
- murphy @762
Here is a screenshot of what's now upcoming next time. It is a concept screenshot of the new configuration dialog in AutoUpdate v2.0 beta 2. This is one of the first versions. The final dialog may vary in some details, but thats the core layout of the dialog. Look at it here. It shows you that it is now possible to edit the header, footer and between sections more comfortable. It is also now new that you can have multiline header and footers. More informations of the new AutoUpdate v2.0 will follow. Have a nice day.
- murphy @87
Okay, i've have some trouble with my ftp, so the update of AutoUpdate is two days to late. Sorry. Here is now the new version. It has some bugfixes. Not much at all.
- murphy @434
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