AutoUpdate v2.0 beta

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The development of AutoUpdate is halted long time now. But i'm still using it here for my own site at :) So under Windows XP it still runs fine, but it doesn't like some connections. I would like to thank all users of this fine product. I don't know if anybody still looking here. Drop me a mail to murphy(at) if you want to.
- murphy @820
Here is the final version of AutoUpdate v2.0 beta 1. The beta 2 will be released as soon as possible. So get this. This has no date check and will not expire any time.
- murphy @995
I'm working on a web board for communication which will fit current design. It will take some time. Also i will release a final beta 1 release without time limit, because there are heavy modifications in beta 2. This makes the two versions incompatible.
- murphy @632
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