AutoUpdate v2.0 beta

What's this?

What's this?


AutoUpdate v2.0 is a program which helps you in many ways to maintain your web-pages. Yeah, you heard right! It is to maintain multiply web-pages. It has a news page updater, a tool to maintain your personal links on your webpage and a ftp-client. With AutoUpdate you can maintain as many web-sites as much as you like.
AutoUpdate is completely multithreaded and can do several tasks at once.

Why do i wrote such a program like this?
I needed the program, because updating my homepage with a small html-editor was too bad and too much work for me. I cannot run perl on my web-server, because the provider i use, does not allow this. So i thought there must be a solution to this problem and i wrote AutoUpdate. The first version was very buggy and only useable for news and links. The next version had an ftp-client within, but this version was also too buggy. So i decided to rewrite AutoUpdate in version 2.0. This is the version you can download here. I decided to publish this program as freeware for personal use.
I think there is need for a new all in one program which can handle all things i publish here. When i get a new idea for it, i will extend AutoUpdate with a solution for it.

This is why i wrote AutoUpdate... Now look at the features or screenshots...