AutoUpdate v2.0 beta

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Old news 2000

I've updated the complete website. It is now variable in width. You can now use a 640x480 machine in fullscreen to display the website. Opera 4 is full supported.
- murphy @795
I've update the Ideabase and the Bugbase. The Documentation section is also updated. The documentation will grow next weeks. The index is shown for information of what will float in the documentation. Any special documentation requests?
- murphy @717
The new version is online now. There is a new feature called dropper window. This window lets you drop file on it for fast uploading files to your ftp without actually using the ftp-client. This window sits in a corner of your screen and accepts files you drop on it. This is functional with most file managers that exists.
- murphy @745
A new beta with some nice enhancements is in almost ready. You can download it on monday.
- murphy @680
This page is now compatible with Opera 4.0. Have fun with looking at it.
- murphy @684
I have updated the version of AutoUpdate. When you are using AutoUpdate, you can download the update patch to update to the new version. There is also a new full version for download. It runs till the end of october. There is a new version online on september or october.
- murphy @464
I have updated the todo- and bug-sections. They should now clearer identify which bug/idea is fixed/implemented and which bug/idea is available for download.
- murphy @863
This new version without a registration file is online. You can download it now.
- murphy @741
Okay, this beta-test is now open for all. This is done because most of the testers
never replied to any mail. I will put up a version of AutoUpdate v2.0 next days.
This version will not require a registration key. All actual version aren't useful for the
visitors here.
Don't download now! I must first put up a new version.
- murphy @625
Here are some planned features for beta 2:
- multiply news on one html-page
- a new news-format in html
- more shortcuts for news editor
- better configuration dialogs
- no temporary files any more
- and a complete installation
That was it for now with informations...
Anyone have some more wishes? Write me a mail!
- murphy @749
Next time i will try to convert the source from the used components WinShoes
to Indy component package. This will result in a faster program with no temporary
files anymore. This means no problems with setting up a temporary folder or
similar. After this there will be a new version release as beta 2 with a new and
complete installer for the beta-version.
- murphy @753
I've released the second patch to AutoUpdate v2.0 beta 1. It is a complete exe-file
without patch system. Copy the files in you AutoUpdate v2.0 folder.
- murphy @675
I've added a documentation page. Next days there is some documentation in the
- murphy @434
The site is now more complete! Most things are now updateable from AutoUpdate.
There is now a new page with bugs listed of the software. Use this page
to look in which version they are fixed. It is also possible to request a fix for you!
Send me a mail with the bug-description and i open a new bug point.
I fix it as soon as possible. The bugbase isn't uptodate, but i update it when
i got more time for doing it.
There is now an ideabase, which contains several ideas to implement.
Send mails with ideas and wishes directly to me.
- murphy @817
Here is the first patch for AutoUpdate v2.0. You can download it on the download page.
It fixes the news page error and adds new features for news posting.
- murphy @706
There is a bug in news getting from server.
You cannot use files in directories except a file with same name exists in the root
When newsfile is '/autoupdate2beta/faq.html', there must be a file '/faq.html' in the root
directory of the server.
I will post a fix as soon as i can.
- murphy @612
I found some more Bugs:
- time and date of files isn't set correct after download.
- '..' isn't displayed in empty directories on some ftp-server.
- murphy @681
AutoUpdate v2.0 beta 1 is released! Download it now and test as much as you can.
The mailing list address is
Your registration file should be in your mailbox with the instructions how to install it.
- murphy @522