AutoUpdate v2.0 beta

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idea's / implemented idea's, online with next beta / implemented idea's, online
(2001/may/29) - - open

Add hotkey Shift-Backspace as alias to Backspace (wish from noodge).
(2001/march/13) - - open

Add folder management for configuration names.
(2000/december/07) - - open

Add sync command in ftp-client that will update files from local to server and files from server to local.
(2000/december/07) - - open

Add email of poster to configuration dialog for creating email link with poster with a %_email%-tag.
(2000/november/30) - - open

Add option where you can select multi user or one user mode. Use this with caching options and marking file on ftp-server.
(2000/november/24) - - open

Add option to work completely with news-editor offline.
(2000/november/06) - - open

Add option to update file time/date when downloading.
(2000/november/06) - - open

Add loading and saving of individuel configuration items in configuration dialog.
(2000/november/03) - - open

Add check for multiply running AutoUpdate as option.
(2000/november/03) - - open

Add a menu shell extension to context menus in Explorer with a "Send To Web"-feature. Select file(s) and click on "Send to Web" with selecting the configuration and then it is copied to your ftp.
(2000/october/31) - - open

Add moving of newsitems to history files.
(2000/october/31) - - open

Add post and continue editing to news editing.
(2000/october/31) - - open

Add following things to ftp client
- copying/moving of subdirectiries with files/subfolders
- add moving of files
(2000/october/31) - - open

Add icons to config selector boxes in each page.
(2000/october/31) - - open

Add ftp-dropper configuration.
- Save window position
- Display at start up
- Always on top
- Add displaying of status of uploading files to dropper
(2000/july/24) - - v2.0 beta 1 (build 2000/10/30)

Use drag'n'drop for FTP-transfer.
(2000/july/06) - - v2.0 beta 1 (build 2000/7/21)

Add shortcuts to news editor:
ctrl-b: bold, ctrl-u: underline, ctrl-i: italics, ctrl-l: insert bare link
(2000/july/03) - - open

Add option for big toolbars with text or big icons.
(2000/june/23) - - open

Implement Cache-System for news-system. Should make faster postings...
The caching system should include local data saving, saving compressed on server and crc checking with additional file on server.
(2000/june/23) - - open

Add an editor which can edit the news entries graphically.
(2000/june/23) - - v2.0 beta 1 (build 2000/10/30)

In ftp-client automatically change to pre-configured directory.
(2000/june/23) - - v2.0 beta 1 (build 2000/10/30)

Add the ability to maintain more than one news section on one page.
(2000/june/23) - - open

Add ability to kick out any thread that stops the program from quitting. Its like a brute force quit.
(2000/june/21) - - open

Add sorting for extension, size, time & date in ftp-client
(2000/june/21) - - open

Add a search/replace dialog for news system to search/replace a special entry.
(2000/june/21) - - v2.0 beta 1 (build 2000/10/31)

Add canceling of transfer in transfer page. Also add deleting of items that are not transfered but queued. Add pausing of transfer.
(2000/june/21) - - open

Add toolbar with easy html-functions in news system.
(2000/june/21) - - open

Add autocomplete in html for html-functions in news system.
(2000/june/21) - - open

Add wizard for editing newsfile via html-editor, when getting analyse errors in news system.
(2000/june/21) - - v2.0 beta 1 (build 2000/6/20)

Check for errors when posting news.
(2000/june/21) - - open

Change all messages to own dialogs like the make folder dialog.
(2000/june/21) - - open

Add a nicer html-editor with more features.
(2000/june/21) - - open

Save recovery for news items or autosave for local items to prevent data loss on crashes.
(2000/june/21) - - open

Implement a system where registered users can post news on homepage where they haven't an ftp-account. Use information out of a coded-private file on web.
Following idea's exist:
- Seperate user editor
- Limiting user in ftp-client with directory, upload/download restriction
- copying/moving, deleting, creating subdirectories
- Limiting user to use news, links- or ftp-client
- Crypted configfile which cannot be changed by user
- Limited configuration option for user
(2000/june/21) - - v2.0 beta 1 (build 2000/7/21)

Shift-Enter for inserting <BR> tag in news editor and goto next line.
(2000/june/21) - - open

Add a default checkmark for news system to insert BETWEEN tag. Configurable.
(2000/june/21) - - open

Use multiline headers and footers in news system.
(2000/june/21) - - open

Post news items upside down. This means newest item at bottom. Move news items to top or to bottom with news menu entries.
(2000/june/21) - - v2.0 beta 1 (build 2000/6/22)

Preview option for news posting. This feature requires a special dll which will be delivered in beta 2.
(2000/june/21) - - open

Double-click on file in ftp-client makes automatic upload or download. Implement option to enable/disable or some more like edit, move or copy...