AutoUpdate v2.0 beta

What's this?

What's this?


News system
With the news system you can post new news entries or maintain webpages in paragraphs like my faq or other pages i publish here. The system is easy to use. After you setup an empty html page and setup AutoUpdate, you can upload it with the ftp-client and start the news. It displays the news entries as a small browseable database with an inbuild html-editor. You can add new entries and delete old or false entries. After editing you can upload it via the post button or discard all changes via the stop button. Thats all. Isn't this easy? You don't have to leave AutoUpdate at all for this task. A new feature is to copy or move old news entries to another file for archiving them. Some guys won't do this, but i need this to save all my work i ever done.

Is there a news feature you miss? Send me a mail with the idea. I hope i can build it up for you. May be i need this too because its so cool?

Link system
This link system isn't build yet, but i promise you, when it is complete, you will get all the features you can use in a system which can maintain sub-folders in sub-folders like Microsoft Internet Explorer. The old version 1.0 of AutoUpdate had a small link- system which was workable with my private pages at A new system is now in the works. Please be patient... Thank you.
Before i forget it, send me all your idea's for such a link system!

Ftp client
The ftp-client is a complete new feature-full ftp-client for your needs. When you use it you select a configuration and connect to the ftp-server. The configuration is selectable via a combobox and automatically changes to your local-ftp-folder for each configuration. After connecting you can select files and download or upload them. The upload and download is made complete in background and you can watch it on the transfer page. This meany you can disconnect and connect to another server while the upload or download runs in background. The GUI is somewhat like a Norton Commander Clone, because i liked this interface.