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10/07/1999 20:23 EST

Reveal rumbling
Thought I might draw your attention to some recent (and not so recent) goings on at the Reveal Design Warehouse. Firstly, they've started a site design contest, (must be that time of month again :) so get over there if you've got some graphic design and html skills looking for an outlet. Second, Soulmage has joined Revvved as part of the team and I hear that they've got some exciting things planned - one of which just might be another contest (guess the format) - so keep your eyes peeled for that too.

Closer to home, RaV's going to be starting some developer diary-like write-ups as he makes his way through the coding process, so I've got a spot ready for the first installment in the blueprint section. Now that I've said that, he's got a public obligation to get it up pronto - so expect that soon. Devious, aren't I? :)

In any case, just before the Reveal hearth started to seem like a pile of coals, the flames have shot up again, and the sparks are beginning to fly. We're getting ready to dump a galon of petrol on the thing, so look out. Personally, I've got my marshmallows in readiness, and am grinning from ear to ear.


07/07/1999 7:00pm EST

what's this?!
What's this? Someone's alive? Yes, I am back from vacation in Europe, which went really really well. My friends are still enjoying it over there, while I'm back here in New York, slaving away. Anyway, the good news is that I'm continuing work on Reveal where I left off. I think from now on, I'm going to start adding more updates with the progress of Beta 1 as I approach its completion. It should really blow the socks off everything out there, so get ready for the most powerful shell ever made!

When's it gonna be done? Well as the folks at ID Software say, "When it's ready". I have more time to devote to Reveal now, so progress should be much faster than when I was in school. I'll hopefully have something for you guys to play with very soon (a week or so). In any case, syndrome or myself will begin posting updates here more often, and I'll at least try to have a daily update of the progress of Beta 1, and possibly some special things for everyone to try out once in a while.


30/05/1999 17:16 auEST

marco!.. polo!
People all across the US graduate this week and next (damn you yanks are weird) and guess who's joining them? Yep, the illustrious RaV is leaving the warm, nurturing bosom of Cornell university to make his way in the harsh, unforgiving Real World (TM).

Of course, first there's a three week stop off in Europe. Tough, huh?

You know what that means? No, other than copious quantities of Italian women, German Beer and French kisses....
That's right. Three weeks off from Reveal development. Don't fret though, the silver lining here is that things will be moving into overdrive once he returns.
Cool, huh?

On a related note, all the new shells cropping up have been great to see, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what different approaches people take on how a good UI should be constructed. On our part, I know it's been said way too many times before, but I can't help myself... There's some big things on the horizon, and I'm as anxious as you for them to unfold - so keep the faith.


08/05/1999 16:18 auEST

insert news here
Yeah, not much visible movement on the Reveal range, but we are moving (and shaking) and progression is being made. Thought you might like to be reassured. :)

Well, that about wraps up today's action packed update, so I'll let you go.


04/04/1999 14:52 EST

A Reveal Beta 1 Update from RaV
Hi everyone.. Since we haven't updated in a while I thought I'd give some status information on the next version of Reveal, Beta1 (or RevB1, as I like to call it). I have completed the first build of the parser, which is probably one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, parts of the project. It looks really great. Here is some real info on what the new build will be like, from me (the developer):

- Dynamic objects: Create Pages, Hotspots, Variables, Files, Lines, Circles all on the fly, destroy them, save them to a reveal script file, load them from a file, or anything else you can think of.. As an example, you can save personal Design settings for a user into a text file to load them whenever the user runs Reveal, allowing you to make your own internal Reveal configuration program.
- Objects for nearly any system item: For examply, you can make a task manager that looks like BeOS, you can make a "desktop" like explorer has, complete with drag and drop, or Make your own system tray that looks nothing like the Explorer system tray with TrayItem objects.
- Dynamic Drawing tools: RevB1 will feature "layers" you draw on in pages in a similar way that Photoshop does. Combine this with drawing tools such as lines, boxes, ellipses, and semi and alpha-transparency features of images, you can make some impressive dynamic pages.
- Different image formats: RevB1 will support BMP, JPG, GIF, and possibly PNG file formats.
- Object Plugin Architecture: RevB1 will let users create their own custom objects to extend functionality. Want to make a Reveal object that lets a design interact with Winamp? With the new plugin system it will be easy!

So there's a taste of what RevB1 will have. Because of the huge addition of features, it's taking a lot longer to write than the Dev Release took. Support for variables, loops, math, recusion all takes a great deal of planning and coding.

I also don't have an exact release date, but suffice it to say it will be a few weeks yet. I'm really excited about the possibilities in the new build. It should really change how we look at, and interact with, our desktop.


09/03/1999 01:28 auEST

heavy stuff
The first fume is up. It's doesn't revolve about Reveal and it doesn't offer Reveal up as the answer. This is the kind of stuff that separates the men from the boys (or women from girls)... so go take a bo peep.


07/03/1999 13:31 auEST

the times they are a changin...
um, dates are fixed. Thanks aqp.


06/03/1999 11:56 auEST

Wondering how pages will work in beta 1? Here's a little write up to give you some idea of the possibilities...Go read about the dynamic and digital collage that is Reveal.


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