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05/03/1999 23:48 auEST

gimme just a sec
From the "just want to prove that you can count on me" department:
I said I'd have a few beta1 chunkettes within the day, so here they are:
1. beta1 is cool
2. It'll take me another few hours before some decent beta1 stuff will be up
3. Okay, so I'm a bit slow with the beta 1 stuff (technically that's still beta1 relevant... :)

See? Am I dependable or what? Well, there is some extra stuff up and about on the site (you'll have to look for it), but I'm afraid you'll have to hold your breath (while I get some sleep) for some meaningful beta1 waffle in the morning. Not that it matters of course, since you're all asleep right now...


05/03/1999 0:53 auEST

redesign madness
Vegas (blasphemy's new name now that he's in the witness protection program) has given the Reveal Design Warehouse a new look, posted three more designs, and added a messageboard to the site. What an animal, huh? Check it out.


04/03/1999 23:57 auEST

Can we all say "flip-flop"?
I thought I could last at least another week with the yellow, but couldn't resist the urge to go straight to my preferred colour scheme for this design. It works better with the design, and the yellow is much more effective in smaller doses contrasting with the blue and grey.

In any case, I hope you enjoyed the little excursion from the norm with the not-so-mello-yellow, 'cause it's important to experiment - especially with interface design. Besides, the site is still pretty different, and that's a deliberate goal. I guess if I can give a few people headaches from this one too, I'll be happy :)

Yeah, yeah, like we care...
But don't worry, I know you don't come here for my site scheming and rationale, so I'll have another few chunkettes of beta1 info up within the day... guaranteed. (Hey, you can count on me, my word is my bond. you know? :)


26/02/1999 11:08 auEST

Houston, we have a problem...
Well, not a problem, but you might have experienced some weird stuff (that's the technical term) with some of the pages. Our very generous host is moving servers currently, so we're updating on both of them for the moment until the new dns kicks in for everyone. You'll still be able to get here, you just might have experienced a few weird colour changes while I had yet to update one of the servers.

More yellow? Too right. Didn't you know orange is the colour of the insane :)


25/02/1999 12:58 auEST

Mowgli says...
Bright light! Bright light!
Okay, so I've received a few comments reguarding the new design. Too narrow, too bright, too many graphics and too good, have all been responses I've got. Do you agree? Should I change it? Let me know, eh?


24/02/1999 15:00 auEST

Better late than never... right?
Finally, a substantial update. As you can see, I've done a minor redesign. The sections have changed a bit, and a lot of stuff from the old version hasn't been converted over yet - most notably, the designs. Whether they come back before beta1 is questionable, (you'll find out why sometime soon) but there's now two great Reveal design resources out there for you to frequent.

plug, plug, plug...
First of all, at the Reveal Design Warehouse, blaspHemy and RevVveD continue to maintain arguably the definative reveal design collection. Add to this now is customise.org, which has added Reveal designs to its already impressive catalogue of skinz 'n' things. xtreme and the team have got a great setup over there, so pay them a visit also.

But don't leave yet...
Let's get back to the home-grown content, and some interesting news reguarding beta1. I realise that all of these references to beta1 (beta1, beta1, beta1... ahem) might seem a little like all talk and no action, but rest assured that development is moving steadily. You've also got to remind yourself that this is a total rewrite. (RaV himself was gracious enough to remind me of just how much work it is when I asked him how it was all going the other day - I just wish he hadn't used that curling iron to do so)

What, you still want specifics after that warning? Fine. I can tell you that RaV's in the middle of the parser at the moment, and he's told me that it's "absofrigginlutely marvellous"... but you've got to understand that he's a modest guy, so he's obviously downplaying it a bit. Also, I don't know if I should mention it (bugger it, I will), but he's come down with something this week :( and so work has slowed until he recovers. So send him some well wishes, just don't mention crunchy peanut butter, okay?

And for your reading pleasure...
In order to sustain your frothing-at-the-mouth frenzy for beta1 (damn, I said it again), I've posted a chunkette of information on the beta1 specs in the blueprint section. These will be expanded upon as we go along.

Related to that, I've also started to explain some of the structure and concepts of the beta1 system over in the workshop so that you can hit the ground running when beta 1 is released. So take a look at that too, if you can stand a sprinkling of a rant. Speaking of which, a new short burst of hallucination should be up in the fumes section within a day. Also, I'll be posting more beta1 info regularly as we lead up to the release.

It doesn't stop there...
um, er....actually, I think it does. Hang on, I should also mention that other site stuff will be going up as time permits, as well as a post explaining where the site is headed. That's it for now, so if you haven't already, go read some of that stuff, or I'll tell the underpants gnomes to make a stop at your house tonight, okay?

I know stuff is broken, I'm working on it... sheez!

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