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(old litestep builds)
ls-bin-19991021.zip - complete compile of 1999/10/21 (~125kb)
ls-bin-19991019.zip - complete compile of 1999/10/19 (~125kb)
ls-bin-19991018.zip - complete compile of 1999/10/18 (~125kb)
ls-bin-19991014.zip - complete compile of 1999/10/14 (~125kb)
ls-bin-19990930.zip - complete compile of 1999/09/30 (~124kb)
ls-bin-19990929.zip - complete compile of 1999/09/29 (~124kb)
ls-bin-19990923.zip - complete compile of 1999/09/23 (~122kb)
ls-bin-19990921.zip - complete compile of 1999/09/21 (~122kb)
ls-bin-19990920.zip - complete compile of 1999/09/20 (~122kb)
ls-bin-19990915.zip - complete compile of 1999/09/15 (~122kb)
ls-bin-19990913.zip - complete compile of 1999/09/13 (~121kb)
ls-bin-19990830.zip - complete compile of 1999/08/30 (~120kb)
ls-bin-19990823.zip - complete compile of 1999/08/23
ls-bin-19990820.zip - complete compile of 1999/08/20
ls-bin-19990819.zip - complete compile of 1999/08/19
ls-bin-19990818.zip - complete compile of 1999/08/18
ls-bin-19990604.zip - complete compile of 1999/06/04
ls-bin-19990526.zip - complete compile of 1999/05/26
ls-bin-19990521.zip - complete compile of 1999/05/21 (explorer fix)
ls-bin-19990519.zip - complete compile of 1999/05/19 (explorer fix)
ls-bin-19990513.zip - complete compile of 1999/05/13 (explorer fix)
ls-bin-19990502.zip - complete compile of 1999/05/05
ls-bin-19990430.zip - complete compile of 1999/04/30 (bad build!)
ls-bin-19990426.zip - complete compile of 1999/04/26
ls-bin-19990425.zip - complete compile of 1999/04/25
ls-bin-19990412.zip - complete compile of 1999/04/12
ls-bin-19990411.zip - complete compile of 1999/04/11
ls-bin-19990407.zip - here are all new files including changes.txt
                      and step.rc example

(info on litestep builds)
- 1999/10/21 -
- BugFix [hotkey/hotkey.c / jugg]:
  - Fixed crash bug when pressing WIN key by itself.
- 1999/10/19 -
- Feature Addition/Change [hotkey/hotkey.c / jugg]:
  - disabled dynamic hotkey loading of explorer start menu hotkeys by default.
    To turn them on use "HotkeyLoadExplorerKeys"
  - Changed command "WinKeyNoPopup" to "HotkeyNoWinKeyPopup"
- Changes [lsapi/lsapi.c, litestep/litestep.c / jugg]:
  - Made the color format RGB default. Thus removing the ColorRGB command.
    However, added the command LSColorBGR for those who still want it reversed.
  - Changed all core commands to start with "LS" so now you have "LSNoShellWarning"
    replacing "ExplorerNoWarn", "LSSetAsShell" replacing "SetAsShell",
    "LSImageFolder" replacing "PixmapPath".
  - updated all modules to reflect these changes (wharf/lsvwm/sysvwm/shortcut/desktop)
- BugFix [VS_6 workspace / jugg]:
  - lsapi project command line had two conflicting compile options.
- 1999/10/18 -
- BugFix [lsapi/lsapi.c / visigoth]:
  - Fixed jugg's fix to ParseBangCommand()
    (NOTE: lsxcommand is fine - strlen doesn't check for null pointers)
- 1999/10/14 -
- Bugfix [litestep.c / maduin ]:
  - Fixed the Loadmodule code so that the modules get passed the correct
    Instance now. Thanks to MrJukes for spotting this.
- BugFix [lsapi.c / jugg]:
  - Fixed CommandTokenize function so that you no longer are forced to place
    all commands completely in quotation marks or brackets.
- BugFix [sysvwm\vwm.c / jugg]:
  - Fixed erroneous refresh of sysvwm when using the autohide feature
    without "VWMAutoHideFix" set.
  - Fixed autohide bug, when the vwm was docked to two sides of the screen,
    the vwm would appear when mouse was moved to either side.
- BugFix [changes.txt, desktop/desktop.c, hotkey/hotkey2.c / visigoth]:
  - Fixed jugg's entry from BugFux to BugFix :P (changes.txt)
  - Merged fix from Jay Kramer (jkramer@depcoinc.com) for minimize/maximize
    problems.  Code now checks for system menu before doing so (desktop.c)
  - Fixed compiler warning: LSExecute not declared (hotkey2.c)
- Feature Addition / BugFix [lsapi/lsapi.c / visigoth]:
  - Added CommandParse library function - parses a command and its arguments.
  - LSExecute / CommandTokenize seem to be fixed now...
  - LSExecuteEx now defaults to SW_SHOWNORMAL if passed 0 for final argument.
- Major['ish] Change [litestep/litestep.c / Ender]:
  - Done some major restructuring and pruning of litestep.c, removing some
    obsolete code and just generally making the code neater :)
- BugFix / Change [lsapi/lsapi.c, litestep/litestep.c / jugg]:
  - Fixed ParsebangCommand function, so it removes extra whitespace. (NOTE:
    this seems to break lsxcommand when entering a !bang command that doesn't
    pass an argument. Everything else works great.)
  - Did a little clean up on litestep.c (removed code for that weird
    HideApplication thing that never worked anyway and was useless)
- 1999/9/30 -
-Feature Addition [desktop.c / (e)]:
  - Added code by Jay Kramer (jkramer@depcoinc.com)
    min/max click update for start bar (new explorer functionality)
- Bugfix [shortcut.h / murphy]:
   - Added char extra_group[10]; to struct shortcutType. Was made to
     make shortcut.c compile.
- 1999/9/29 -
- Changed ShortcutMenu so that Shortcutmenu 0 move on right click,
  ShortcutMenu 1 will open Litestep Popup, and ShortcutMenu 2 will
  open right-click menu. (GeekMaster)
- Changed source so that when right click move is enabled, a right click
  will immediately let you move, fixing a bug where you had to hit an arrow
  key to move the shortcut.(GeekMaster)
- Added a new right-click menu option: Select Image! This pops up a common
  dialog box that lets you choose a bmp file, which updates immediately. It
  does not currently save that setting, and is a little buggy, but can be
  fixed later (GeekMaster)
- Feature Addition [Shortcut.c / Ender]:
   - Semi-working Shortcut Multiple Mastergroups. Some strange behavior I
     can't figure out, someone fix it :P
     [Method: #3M{2,5}T  : Master for group's 3, 2 AND 5]
- Feature Addition / Bugfix [vwm.c / (e)]:
   - Added VWMAutohideFix. This makes the autohide VWM only appear
     when the mouse hovers in the actual VWM area (as opposed to the
     entire screen edge).
- 1999/9/23 -
- Fixed shortcut groups.. shortcut.dll should now be fully working & compat.
  with Easycuts (Ender)
- 1999/9/21 -
- Renamed 'ShortcutPassClicks' to int 'ShortcutMenuMode'. If 0, no menu.
  If 1, will open popup on right click (Ender)
- Added ShortcutMenu 2, which opens a right-click menu with options such as
  'Move', 'Delete', 'Snapshot', etc. (GeekMaster)
- 1999/9/20 -
- Fixed bug causing apps to be run hidden (Maduin)
- Added -X/Y coords back to Shortcuts (Ender)
- Fixed mouseover images [nb: First commit was corrupt] (Ender)
- Okay.. This is yet another submit, 6 hours later. WORK. (Ender)
- 1999/9/15 -
- Fixed bug which prevented startup apps from running (Maduin)
- Merged Easycuts/Shortcuts code. Still buggy, uses half-Visigoth
  Multicommand LsExecute stuff (Ender)
- 1999/9/13 -
- Added modified sysvwm src for !Bangs from staler (snowchyld)
- Fixed bugs in LSExecute & LSExecuteEx (Visigoth)
- Merged in code by Ryan Dalzell for right-click context menu handling on
  taskbar buttons -(e)
  ===== Changes since 0.24.5 =====
- Added the 24.5 changes section (why wasn't this added sooner?) (Visigoth)
- Added command token strings - commands are delimited by [] (like | in
  script.dll and AlterScript) (Visigoth)
- Added CommandTokenize function to lsapi to extract command token
  strings (Visigoth)
- Added scripting support to LSExecute via command token strings
  (ie. [notepad][c:\][!Recycle]) (Visigoth)
- Fixed LSExecuteEx thinking everything was a directory (Visigoth)
- Finalized LSExecute and LSExecuteEx (Visigoth)
- Following modules now use LSExecute: Hotkey, Litestep (for startup group
  purposes), LSTime, Popup, Shortcut, lsVWM, Wharf (Visigoth)
- 1999/8/30 -
- Added support for hotkey.dll not assigning the Win key to the popup
  menu with WinKeyNoPopup in the step.rc (GeekMaster)
- Fixed an issue in wharf.c where folders did not closed when the Wharf
  was dragged around. The folders now close. (jugg)
- 1999/8/23 -
changes in this build:
- Added command line switch /nostartup (or -nostartup) to prevent
  running startup apps (Maduin)
- Changed hotkey.c so that Ctrl_Esc is not registered if ExplorerNoWarn
  is in the step.rc to fix annoying messages while using Litestep under
  explorer (GeekMaster)
- Fixed the display of LSWharf on the Taskbar. (Bryan)
- Added Code by Cael to make multiple destop backgrounds a reality. Use
  VWMDeskWallPaper<n> <Filename> (VWMDeskWallPaper1
  c:\windows\astro.bmp) (Bryan)
- Merged in sysVWM 6.2 changes (Maduin)
- Merged multiple desktop wallpapers into sysVWM also (Maduin)
- Fixed bug in wharf.c which offset maximized windows from their correct
  position when recycling, and the Wharf is docked to a side of the
  screen. (jugg)
- 1999/8/20 -
changes in this build:
- Added code to prevent autoplay if shift key is down (Maduin)
- 1999/8/19 -
changes in this build:
- Merged in jugg's size optimizations and fixed null pointer / working
  directory bugs in LSExecute (Visigoth)
- Added VarExpansion to LSExecute (per jugg's suggestion) (Visigoth)
- Fixed buffer overflow bug in step.rc reading code (Maduin)
- 1999/8/18 -
changes in this build:
- Implemented shell hooks to create the Window list of open applications -
  faster and better (Fahim)
- Added the option to use the desktop image as the background for popups via
  the PopupUseDeskImage Step.Rc entry (Fahim)
- Merged in keyboard navigation fixes sent by Stephen Hasard (Fahim)
- Fixed the context menu not appearing on right-click on taskbar (Fahim)
- Merged in several bug fixes sent by jugg (Fahim)
- Modified the sources to fix several problems in the code that Peter Edwards
  found (Fahim)
- Merged in Murphy's code to introduce new popups icons via
  PopupTaskDefaultIcon, PopupEmptyDefaultIcon and PopupUseDesktopIni (Fahim)
- Merged in Murphy's code to support environmental variables as LiteStep
  e-variables in Step.Rc (Fahim)
- Merged in code by David Harrison (Trog) to implement the option to specify
  wharf tile size via WharfTileSize Step.Rc entry (Fahim)
- Fixed another recycle and quit crashing bug (Fahim)
- Added the option to display a full background image for Popups via
  PopupBackImage in Step.Rc to specify the path to the image (Fahim)
- Fixed memory leaks in various points in the source code (Fahim)
- Merged in popup alpha key navigation code sent by Joseph Blough (Fahim)
- Merged in code by Amirul Shukry to define systray placement via
  SystrayOffset in Step.Rc (Fahim)
- Added in sysVWM code from Killarny as an optional replacement for the lsVWM
- Fixed bug where step.rc commands with the same prefixes conflicted (Maduin)
- Colors values in step.rc can now be given in seperated RGB decimal form,
  eg "SomeColor 0 128 255" (Maduin)
- Added GetRCLine to LSAPI and made LCGetNextLine public (Maduin)
- Added LSExecute, LSExecuteEx, and !Execute commands to centralize running
  of !Bang Commands and applications (Visigoth)
- Removed #include shlwapi.h and fixed small bug in LSExecute (Visigoth)
- Fixed dependence of lsapi.h on stdio.h - Module developers who may not
  need to include stdio.h in their projects have real problems otherwise
- An error message is now displayed if a module fails to load (Maduin)
- 1999/6/4 -
changes in this build:
- Fixed bug under NT which makes all graphics disappear since the change
  to make LS the shell (Fahim)
- 1999/5/26 -
changes in this build:
- Made setting LiteStep as the shell optional via a Step.Rc entry named
  SetAsShell - you might have to set the HKEY_LOCAL_USER\Software\
  Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Explorer\DesktopProcess
  key back to 0 if you have problems (Fahim)
- Merged in code by Killarny to add a new LSAPI function -
  AddBangCommandEx (Fahim)
- Merged in code by Maduin that allows other modules to take over the
  functionality of Systray (Fahim)
- 1999/5/21 -
changes in this build:
- Reintroduced transparency into Popups - works only if the image isn't
  stretched (Fahim)
- 1999/5/19 -
changes in this build:
- Fixed a couple of height calculation bugs in the popups (Fahim)
- 1999/5/13 -
changes in this build:
- Added code to make Litestep notify windows that it's the shell. This
  breaks Internet Explorer unless you have "Browse in new process"
  checked. (Bryan)
- 1999/5/2 -
changes in this build:
- Fixed a bug in popups relating the the PopupBottomPix (Bryan)
- 1999/5/1 -
changes in this build: (build only availble at lsdev)
- Merged in change by Kevin Schaffer to fix the hour-glass cursor
  problem (Fahim)
- Merged in changes by _TAG_ to make desktop load faster when not
  loading taskbar (Fahim)
- Added a bug fix sent by murphy (Fahim)
- 1999/4/26 -
changes in this build:
- Fixed the main Popup appearing off the screen if you click too near the
  edge of the screen (Fahim)
- Reimplemented !PopupTasks with the new Popups (Fahim)
- 1999/4/25 -
changes in this build:
- Fixed the LiteStep crashing bug when Win key alone is pressed (Fahim)
- Fixed the Popup name and subfolder names not appearing on titlebar (Fahim)
- 1999/4/12 -
changes in this build:
- Merged in code by Adrian Heath that allows unloading & reloading of
  load modules (not wharf modules) via !UNLOADMODULE and !RELOADMODULE
  bang commands (Fahim)
- Another change by Adrian allows you to have multiple bang commands
  in one line by simply separating them with a space as in:
  !About !EasterEgg (Fahim)
- 1999/4/11 -
- the newest build should fix the recycling problem on some machines
  with litestep