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0irc-v1453-build20070403.zip 0irc v1.4.53 (~67Kb) 2007/4/3
0irc-v1453-source20070403.zip 0irc v1.4.53 source (~95kb) 2007/4/3
0irc-v1232-build20030103.zip 0irc v1.2.32 (~120kb) 2003/1/3
0irc-v1232-source20010103.zip 0irc v1.2.32 source (~90kb) 2003/1/3
older builds and sources are in the download archive

0irc is a small irc-client for windows. i never saw a smaller one for
windows which also is open source. it has only a small set of functions,
but i think it can be compared to bitchx with the interface, not the
functions *grin*. my interface is native winows and not console based.
look at the screenshot. 0irc can also be used now as a desktop module
in litestep.
it runs fine under windows me and windows xp.
a documentation can be found on wiki.dev0.de.

0irc main screen - 0irc in action - 0irc in classic mode
other visual styles under windows xp - style 1 - style 2 - style 3
the options dialog - options 1 - options 2 - options 3 - options 4
0irc litestep module - click here

- chat *grin*
- dcc
- multi-server connects
- good overview over all channels
- no complicated mdi-interface
- commandline based
- can be used as litestep desktop module :-)

2000/01/27 - v1.0.3 - release 1
- base program released
2000/02/01 - v1.0.6 - release 2
* fixed /KICK command
+ added better /HELP command
- the ini-file is now in the directory where the exe-file is
* fixed /AWAY command
+ added more one shot commands /A, /C, /D, /Q, /S, /?
+ added command definition /FINGER, but for now without function
2000/03/14 - v1.0.8 - release 3
+ added ability to mark text in chat-window and copy it with ctrl-c.
* modified icon. display now version number.
+ added message when pressed Alt-F4.
2000/03/21 - v1.0.10 - release 4
+     dll: added litestep desktop module
+     dll: added full step.rc configuration including some skinning
+     dll: added 5 bangcommands: !0ircHide, !0ircShow, !0ircToggle,
                                 !0ircFocus, !0ircCommand
+ exe/dll: added functional fingerclient
+ exe/dll: added /log for logging of chat
+ exe/dll: added /F and /w one shot commands
+ exe/dll: added hottracking to buttons
+          added more documentation :-)
2001/12/14 - v1.1.20 - release 5
*     dll: fixed but with new litestep version that 0irc cannot start
+     dll: added native bangcommand execution support under Litestep
+     dll: litestep's about screen shows now revision of DLL.
+     dll: added step.rc settings: 0ircNoBangCommands, 0ircAutoRejoin
           and 0irc24HourTime
!     dll: removed step.rc setting: 0ircAutoAway
+ exe/dll: autorejoin is now an option.
* exe/dll: fixed bug with quitting 0irc on NT/2000/XP machines
* exe/dll: fixed timestamp bug completely
+ exe/dll: changed the autoaway feature slightly
! exe/dll: removed /NSLOOKUP command
+ exe/dll: added /P for /PART one shot command
+ exe    : added /TRAY command for hiding 0irc in system-tray
+ exe    : added balloonhint support under Windows 2000/XP
+ exe    : added displaying of current channel in system-tray
2003/1/3 - v1.2.32 - release 6
+ exe/dll: added new commands with new features
           /invite - invite someone in an inviteonly channel
           /hop - leave and rejoin current channel
           /raw - send raw commands to server
           /voice, /devoice - voice or devoice someone when you are an op
           /op, /deop - op or deop someone when you are an op
           /ignore - complete ignore list handling
+ exe/dll: added hotkey ctrl+1..0 for userdefinable commands
+ exe    : added shortcut key ctrl+t to hide 0irc in tray
+ exe    : added option to change icon in systemtray, when text appears
         in channels
+ exe    : added right click to change icon back to normal in systemtray
+ exe/dll: added dcc autoaccept option
+ exe/dll: added more irc responces
+ exe/dll: added external help file
+ exe/dll: added basic support for custom fonts in tab and textwindow
+ exe    : added click on balloonhint reopens the window from systemtray
- exe/dll: changed ctrl+x to ctrl+y since its was confusing with cut text in
           edit box
- exe/dll: changed the 0irc icon and the channel bitmap to a more modern look
! exe    : removed all warnings from source so 0irc compiles without warnings
! exe/dll: removed several hotkeys which weren't functional
! exe/dll: removed finger client
* exe/dll: fixed /mode, /join, /nick
* exe/dll: fixed many bugs in exe and dll
- exe/dll: optimized 0irc for windows xp with full theme support
           windows 2000 remains untested, i don't have it
           still runs under windows me, windows 95 not supported
           windows 98 untested, i have it, but no time
-     dll: tested with indiestep build 2002/12/9
2006/2/20 - v1.3.36 - release 7 (only exe)
+ exe/dll: added /IGNORE DELETE to delete an ignored nick.
* exe    : fixed some of the shortcuts in the configuration dialog.
+ exe/dll: added CTRL+A..Z shortcuts for commands.
+ exe    : mapped CTRL+T to /TRAY. removed internal CTRL+T shortcut.
+ exe/dll: mapped CTRL+I to /JOIN INVITATION. internal CTRL+I command removed.
+ exe/dll: mapped CTRL+N to /CHANNELS NEXT. internal CTRL+N command removed.
+ exe/dll: mapped CTRL+Y to /WINDOW NEXT. internal CTRL+Y command removed.
+ exe/dll: added /CHANNELS PREVIOUS command.
+ exe/dll: added /WINDOW PREVIOUS command.
- exe/dll: working on CTRL+X,C,V support, sometimes buggy
2006/8/17 - v1.3.45 - release 8 (only exe)
+ exe    : added option to reconnect and rejoin channels after disconect
- exe    : reworking options dialog
+ exe/dll: added ctrl+tab for switching tabs
+ exe/dll: added ctrl+w for closing tab
+ exe    : when using /WINDOW CLOSE on last tab it reacts is like /QUIT
- exe/dll: /SERVER and /CONNECT are now the same commands
+ exe/dll: added /think (/th) command with '.oO( text )' style
+ exe/dll: added utf-8 conversion for ä,Ä,ö,Ö,ü,Ü,ß (hardcoded...)
! exe/dll: removed /SERVER command. use /CONNECT now
+ exe/dll: added error message when using /CONNECT two times. it checks
           connection state.
+ exe/dll: no message "You are now talking in #..." when you are on one
+ exe/dll: added multicommands with &/command extensions in one line.
+ exe/dll: add support for Windows Vista aka NT 6.0 in /SV
* exe/dll: fixed the email in /ABOUT
+ exe/dll: when setting 'scrolllock on' on keyboard you can scroll up and
           down in the text
* exe    : fixed the saving of position only when it was changed
* exe    : fixed the saving of configuration only when it was changed in
           the dialog
+ exe/dll: added ctrl-shift-tab for tabbing backwards in all irc-tabs
* exe/dll: fixed the ctrl-[a-z] use with checking for shift
* exe/dll: fixed closing a tab with setting the right tab active
* exe/dll: fixed nicknaming on irc channels
2006/8/23 - v1.3.45b - release 8 (only exe)
* exe/dll: readded /SERVER command.
2007/4/3 - v1.4.53 - release 9 (only exe)
* exe    : fixed saving of configuration when quitting with the close button
* exe/dll: fixed log command with enabled logging and parameter
* exe/dll: fixed /HELP command display
- exe    : added color subsection [Color] with TextColor/EditColor/FrameColor
           in ini file
+ exe/dll: added new handling for colorcodes
- exe/dll: serveral internal changes

(a second review from desktopian.org 2000/3/21)
This is your desktop on irc... Just got a note from murphy over at
dev0.de... *drumroll*... Woot! He's released 0irc v1.0.10! 'Comes with the

hi again! here is the new 0irc version. it has following new features:
added litestep desktop module with full step.rc configuration and 5
bangcommands, added functional fingerclient, added /log for logging of
chat, added /F and /W one shot commands, added hottracking to buttons and
more documentation :-)

Usage is pretty straightforward, all I did was unpack everything into a
suitable directory and copy the 0irc.dll Litestep module to my Litestep
mods dir. From there I fired up the executable version, '0irc.exe', typed
'/CONFIG' to pop the config dialog, configed my settings, closed the
dialog, and typed '/connect', and I was online.

From there, to configure the Litestep 0irc.dll module, I closed the .exe
with a '/quit', added a loadmodule entry for the .dll into my step.rc, and
copied and pasted the settings for 0irc.dll from the included 0irc.rc into
place. The .dll and .exe versions use separate configurations, so you'll
need to edit the step.rc parameters to match your functional .exe install,
along with specifying the irc window's desktop left, top, width and height
specs and your preferred text colors. I then saved out the step.rc and
recycled Litestep. Et Voila! Instant desktop irc window! Very slick.

The full complement of standard 0irc.exe commands work with the .dll
version (documented in the included commands.txt file), and as mentioned
above, the .dll also supports several LS !bang commands (including the
!0ircCommand to allow you to pass in native 0irc commands from Litestep;
Litestep based scripting of the client!).

The .dll takes the smart approach of not requiring it's own direct skinning,
it just provides the desktop window. Instead it depends on Litestep's
ability to provide the graphics. To 'skin' the app, all you do is build a
suitable graphic shortcut group around the window and you've got a skinned
desktop window! Pretty cool, no extra overhead (beyond your already running
shortcut.dll/easycuts module). To get an idea of the final effect check out
murphy's screenshot from yesterday (.png graphic).

The 0irc.exe is only a 92k app, and the 0irc.dll module version is all of
100k. Pretty lightweight for what they pull off. The combo is available over
at dev0.de as a 109k zip download. You know you're going to grab it and play
with it. Why kid yourself.:D

(a small review from desktopian.org 2000/2/6)
Nifty&new... Looks like I'm not done with murphy's new toys yet, he's also
released a nice little irc client (based on the Aurore open-source client's
code) entitled ' 0irc v1.0.3'. It's small, it's completely command-line
driven, it's easy to setup and install (type /CONFIG to get a simple config
dialog), and it handles all the usual stuff. Weighs a whole 50k.
Give it a look.