The storeroom is where you'll find anything worthy of a download (apart from actual designs). At the moment, you can see it's a bit sparce (we've just had a spring clean), but what we lack in quantity we make up for in quality... as you can see.

Current release of reveal

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The infamous revicons are (in the words of lockergnome) "the ultimate dingbats". With Reveal, however, they're even better, allowing you to have dynamically coloured and scaled (and anti-aliased) icons for your designs.
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gear stuff
AUTHOR: synd

uh, not quite the innovation powerhouse of these other two products, but hey, I'm just a simple web guy. In any case, I've been asked a bit for some images of the gear by itself for designs and other things, so I thought I'd wack a whole heap of formats of a few versions I had lying around in a zip file and dump it here. There's a 3d model in there too, I think.
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