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So you're one of those lucky schmucks with a great big monitor? Maybe you have a penchant for a huge font size? Perhaps you just don't like my finely proportioned column?
Fine. Try this instead. You can bookmark it too. I think it's ugly, but there's no accounting for taste.

Once you come back to your senses, you'll want to go back to the way "it was meant to be".

rev.web links

[Reveal Design Warehouse]
As the name implies, this is your best bet for Reveal Designs. Kept up to date and updated with a passion, if you're after a design, or want to release your own finished design, head on over.

These guys cover pretty much anything customisable for your PC. Given that Reveal is the most customisable interface engine out there, it's place in's library is natural. They do a mammoth job very well, take a look.

Related links

You need someone to tell you all the cool stuff going on in the realm of open source, interfaces and other things. tin_omen is the man for the job.

[eyeball design]
Brilliant graphics tips and tricks, with a particularly cool focus on interfaces.

Interface news and other cool stuff. They're hosting some great sites now too.


Thanks to m&ms and milk for all their support in getting this site out.

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