19/12/1999 00:58 auEST

Aloha, monkey-fiends
You've found us, so I guess that means you're one of those intrepid and wise visitors of tin's. To that effect, welcome to our temporary (but much appreciated - thanks nom!) digs. As you've no doubt been informed, we're having a little trouble with that wily old thing we call the 'net, and an MIA host admin fellow, but it's nothing we can't work around.

...the same old talk?
I'm sure that almost everyone who visits this site has noticed that it's been a long spell between drinks for reveal releases. On this page, I've blundered my way through what must have seemed some pretty tiresome updates; incessant talk of progress, exciting futures, possibilities, and other nausea-inducing platitudes.

Meanwhile, new shell announcements are regular occurrences, and other shells are being updated from reasonably, to insanely, often. So just what are these Reveal losers doing, then?

That's a damn good question. The answer? Well, I could let you know that RaV's working on the display engine and visual objects on the moment and I'm... well, doing what it is I do, and that progress is being made. And while that'd be true, it doesn't really answer the question behind the question...

Just what's going to happen to Reveal?
I can tell you that the answer is, almost definately, "something". Just what that something is, will really depend on the events of the next month. I realise that this is incredibly vague, and no doubt particularly annoying to those of you who have actually stuck with us over this past year, but that's all that I can say right now.

'Til then, have a very merry [whatever you celebrate around this time of year] and stay safe while you enjoy the festivities associated with bringing in the new year. Above all, please don't encourage Will Smith, and be good to your grandparents... it's been the international year of the older person, don't you know?


19/10/1999 17:32 auEST

Holy internal builds Batman!
As you might have heard on RDW, we've been playing with some initial "language builds" over the past weeks, and thanks to RaV's continuing coding binge, we've been progressing incredibly rapidly. At the moment, we're messing with the five Simple Objects, some core System object actions, Logic Objects, and a truck-load of math for testing.

It's great to be playing and scripting with all of b1's new features. It's very much a comletely different program and personally I must say that it's fantastic (how's that for an objective assessment :)

Currently, we're nutting out the syntax, changing how things work and discovering new bugs all the time. RaV is doing overtime trying to take us to an alpha level, where Pages, Images and Hotspots will start frolicking across our screens. Because of the intrinsic modularity of the system, addding objects should be a relatively swift process, and we're expecting to hit alpha quite soon now.

So when will you get to use it?
It's very important to us that beta1 gets a proper release, with great docs, and some brilliant example designs. Even though reveal is the most configurable shell out there, we don't want it to be difficult to use. In fact, just about all the alternative shells around now are much too hard to use, and making reveal a pleasure to setup is one of our top priorities.

Because of this, the "proper" release is some time away. Whether we make available some feature-testing releases to give you a taste of beta1's power is debatable at this stage, but you never know...

In the mean time, I'm sure it'll give you comfort to know that we're having great fun playing around with it, and we look forward to you having fun with reveal too.
It truly is an exciting time.


01/10/1999 13:12 auEST

Dev Diary 2
As the Reveal development saga unfolds, we find our intrepid coder RaV (and tomb) knee deep in math parsers and object plugin thingies. Join the action and adventure with the next instalment of RaV's developer diary.

Whiz! Bang! Dev Diary 2! KaBoom!

Also, RDW has had yet another makeover. You should take a gander, if only to admire Soulmage's pride and joy... I'll let you find out what that is for yourself.


29/08/1999 12:58 auEST

RDW Grand Re-Opening
With a new look and a magnificent back-end :) Revvved and Soulmage have completely revamped the Reveal Design Warehouse. There's some great functionality and features now available to you, with even a customize-like rating system for the designs. If you run Reveal, or are thinking about it, go check it out; the easy uploads, design browsing, and so much more are just superb.



27/08/1999 14:32 auEST

Just a quick update to say that RaV's just returned from a brief sabatical in Canada. Also, given the overwhelming (read: two) demand for the old soapboxes, I've reposted them. There's nothing new in there, understand, but damn they're good :P


07/08/1999 14:32 auEST

School's in
I'm not much for looking for or at graphics tutorials on the web, but stumbled across a magnificent site today, called Eyeball Design. Not only does the maintainer (Ryan Lacdao) have a great style, but his emphasis on visual design for interfaces brings joy to my soul. So if you're struggling a bit with how to make your design just shine, after a new style, or wondering how to get that rusty look, go take a look. Two thumbs up from me, and a worthy addition to anyone's bookmarks.


03/08/1999 21:18 auEST

RevIcons Return!
In my rush to get to the local girl guides meeting this morning (we learnt how to gut a live wombat) I forgot some important news. That quintessential ladies man, nom (Reveal poster boy for the new millennium) is planning on updating the revicon set.

This time, he's asking for submissions for what icons you'd like to be included. So, if you dearly need that Day of the Tentacle icon converted to vector format for use in your next Reveal design, send it along to nom and he'll see what he can do. It's already the definitive dingbats set, and he's planning to double its size, so it's set to be incredible (how's that for pressure?).

On another front, I'll let it slip that there's set to be a bit of a shake up of just how Reveal works. Have no fear, it's all for the better, and if I say so myself, it is damned good! :) More coming soon, fellow revels.


03/08/1999 12:20 auEST

Updates from the blind correspondent
A quick (but vague) update on development. (You can thank a few enthused reveal followers for their incessant prodding)

RaV's just finishing up the math parser, having solved the last few brain benders, and work on the execution engine itself (or whatever I should call it) should start soon once some other things have been wrapped up. Other developments include stuff that tombfyre's working on (er, something cool, I'm sure) and the debugger, which nom's got well under control.

Design wise (that's the design of Reveal, not designs ala the Reveal Design Warehouse) we've been discussing a few new concepts and possible changes, and if all goes well, I think Reveal might take another step towards the status of groundshaking - of course, I've been charged with three counts of hyperbole in the past (but never convicted!) so take from that what you will :)

el manual
Something I know more about, so I can actually update you on it is the documentation (ie. manual and stuff) process. We've just begun in relative earnest, and have been tossing around a few ideas on how to make it really useful. One suggestion includes making the manual with Reveal, with the tutes allowing you to modify the actual "manual" design, but it's all a bit up in the air at the moment. Method's already underway with a first draft, but we expect it to be a rather evolving process, so nobody knows how it will end up (except the always insightful me, and I'm not telling - bwahaha).

We're committed to making Reveal easy to use and understand, for both end users and developers, and a lot of upcoming decisions will be based on that ideal. However, we're only a small team, so it is a slow process, and beta 1 is only the beginning.

seti sightings
As a bit of an aside, I should mention that a few #Reveal (on efnet) regulars have gotten onto the seti bandwagon and there's now a Reveal seti team. You can laugh at their pitiful packet size, or join the (I'm told) fun at their homepage.

Stay tuned

14/07/1999 14:03 EST

Developer Diary Dollops
The first dev diary from RaV is up in the blueprint section. It covers some of the important bits he's working on now and is pretty informative. Go check it out. You can bookmark it directly with this link too.


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