dev diary 2

01-10-99 13:12pm auEST
Well, we haven't had many updates recently, but that isn't because nothing has been happening. Everyone has been pushing me for some info, so I guess I'll give an update of what I've been doing:

The math parser is basically done. I've tested it on statements like:

(Which actually works :) ) so everything looks good there so far...

Tombfyre has been working on the object parser, which I have been helping him with, and that's coming along nicely. I finished designing the plug-in architecture, and I think I'm going to re-do some of the object parser using the plug-in system. With that done, I have to finish the logic parser, which is closely tied to the execution engine (which has been designed already), and with those done, things will really start happening.

The way the plug-in system works, I can add objects to B1 without even touching the parser/execution source. This will extend to the user level, so coders will be able to add objects to B1 through DLLs in almost the same way I will be adding objects directly into the Reveal code.

So, the basic engine is nearly complete. This is by no means the complete Reveal package... I will be adding object after object until all the features we've designed (or desired) for B1 are implemented. However, this does mean I can start releasing early builds of the engine soon to test each object as I code it. So initially (maybe in as little as a week or two), you'll probably not be able to do more than create basic pages.

A full version of Reveal is still a while away. With all the features in, it will be able to do anything. And if it doesn't do something, I, or anyone else, can extend it to do that.


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