beta1 object list

Below are the current object types for beta1. They're arranged into three classes, but that's only for classification and documentation - within reveal they're all just objects (we're very egalitarian, don't you know).

Simple objects are those which have only one property. Special objects are pretty simple objects too, but they have multiple properties. Complex objects are not particularly complex in structure, but are the larger objects through which most of your design will display.

More information on these objects will be out in the next few days. For the moment, you can read communing with beta1 for a slightly more detailed (longwinded?) explanation.

  • Int
    An integer. That is, a number with no decimal value.

  • String
    A string is a string is a string. ie. text.

  • Float
    A floating point number is a number with decimal values.

  • Char
    A single alpha-numeric character.

  • Bool
    Boolean values are either true or false. Used for conditionals and loops.

  • System
    Object with many system variable properties

  • Page
    Base canvas objects on which all other visual objects are placed

  • Hotspot
    Catch mouse events

  • Image
    An image :)
    Notice that images are no longer bound to be defined within hotspots. However, you may often want to link the size and position of a hotspot to an image.
    (formerly BMP)

  • Text
    The visual manifestation of a string. To put it another way, text onscreen.
    (formerly caption)

  • File
    An external file. It may be an image, Reveal file, text, anything.

  • Task
    A running application that would usually be shown in your taskbar

  • TrayItem
    An item from your sys tray.

  • Plugin
    An external custom object with special actions and properties.

  • Hotkey
    A hotkey combo

  • Timer
    Like a stopwatch.

  • Color
    RGB color values, also used for transparency value.

  • Point
    A point relative to the page it's linked to.

  • Line
    Like a point, but a line.

  • Circle
    As above, but a circle.

  • Box
    Now this is a tough one...

  • Font
    A font.

  • Time
    Current time. Stored in various forms.

  • Date
    Current date. As above.

  • Key
    A key on your keyboard.

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