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hi! ich hab gesehen, daß litestep.net wieder da ist... gleich wieder
- murphy @042

hiho! ich hab jetzt die domain endlich bekommen... tja... ich werd' wohl
auch jetzt auf deutsch umsatteln, da es viel einfacher zu schreiben ist.
ich bin bei meine festplatten neu zu partitionieren, daher wird es wohl
jetzt auch ein bischen dauern mit den updates. mal schaun! so und jetzt
schickt mir bugs von den seiten!
nebenbei ich brauch noch ein besseres logo... also designed mir ein logo
mit den ascii-zeichen von #32-#126 mit maximal 15 zeilen und 80 spalten.
danke! viel spaß!
- murphy @964

hi! I have created my own geekcode... it is avaible here. this is only
a first version... some things may change next time. also added and
removed links. i reworked the archive section.
- murphy @851

hiho! i thought this has been a small update... oh no... it took 2 hours
to do so... here it is! i think i fixed the font size now. oh before i
forget it: i updated the dev0-tools page. look at it! much more
informations are there and a small preview of the component-icons.
- murphy @949

hi! here is another update of my page... i added some links and i added
the fun-section. oh... i have reworked and sorted all links... i don't
test them for dead-links.
- murphy @768

hi! here is a screenshot of my desktop for all who don't use
litestep... *grin*
- murphy @986

hi! so here are some new links and i changed the colors of the logo. the
menu has a new design.
- murphy @820

hi! i have added and fixed some links. i'm now using internet-time and
another dateformat to indicate when these entries were done. oh, i hope
hope that i fixed all errors reported by haegar... :-) all icq-no's are
now fixed on the pages and the treeview is now full accessable. the
news section is also revamped, because i was tired of the bad layout. since
there is nothing else done and i haven't time enough to create it, we will
see later what comes... i'm now thinking 'bout some new colors here and
another logo (also text) with changed layout. bye!
- murphy @989