Examples and sources of the programs in C--.
dx9c--.zip (5k) Example use Direct3D 9.0 by Andrey Ch.
blur.zip (55k) Example Blur on OpenGL by Andrey Ch.
chat.zip (16k) Chat on the web via TCP. Kobyzev Vadym correct error in program.
space.zip (5k) Example Screen Saver by C.Eugene. (In Windows 95-98 is bag)
fastpad.zip (10k) Example of notebook by Diman Belyaev.
colfire.zip (135k) Example OpenGL by Andrey Ch.
sprite.zip (227k) Example sprite by Andrey Ch.
coldet.zip (250k) Example OpenGL using dynamic library an analysis of collision Šoldet by Andrey Ch.
quater.zip (162k) Example of rotation a vector by Andrey Ch.
demo1.zip (153k) Demo with sound by Andrey Ch.
xquest.zip (11k) Game of text dialogues by Krivoshein Alexander.
glsphinx.zip (30k) Example link of object files and work with OpenGl by Andrey Ch.
vc.zip (36k) Visual comparison text files by Denis Porfiryev
cmmvxd.zip (28k) Example create VXD by Denis Porfiryev
emuz.zip (279k) Emulator PC ZX Spectrum written Vladimir Kladov in 1995. For compiling by present compiler source need in small correct. All documentation in russian.
ijl10v2.zip (88k) Example output in window graphic file JPEG. Autor Andrey Ch.
minimp3.zip (15k) Tiny MP3 player
zlib2.zip (135k) Example work with archives zip by Andrey Ch
memreg.zip (5k) Library for debugging the programs by Denis Porfiryev
try.zip (1k) Example exception handler by Denis Porfiryev
c--mc_01.rar (192k) Programming the microcontrollers on C-- by Yaroslav.
ppong.zip (5k) Game in pin-pong by Dmitri Smagin.
kitten.zip (31k) Library a multilanguage of support of text messages by CyberRax.
ddrawtst.zip (27k) Example a output graphs with use DirectDraw by Dmitri Smagin.
dnk.rar (41k)
netto.rar (59k)
Demos by Constantine Stanislavski.
md2.zip (372k) Graphic engine Quake II by AndreyCh.
tinydpmi.zip (4k) Library for making tiny 32-bit DOS-files with examples by Vrabecz Attila.
cmmedit.zip (75k) Prototype IDE by QS_Ong, using library KetilO RAEdit.
grid.zip (55k) Example of use the library KetilO RAGrid.
alpha.zip (191k) Example of superposition of one picture on another by AndreyCh.
dsound.zip (86k) Example play sound files a format *.XM by AndreyCh.
dialog.zip (71k) Sample program use KetilO ResEd to create dialog box as main windows.
bitmap32.zip (34k) Example output bitmap in Windows by AndreyCh.
minemeos.zip (25k) Game "MineSweeper" for OS Menuet by Ivan Poddubny.
link_obj.zip (41k) Example link obj-files C-- and MASM by TBD.
winobj.zip (19k) Example link obj-files C-- and FASM by Andrey Chebanov.
cide.zip (37k) Prototype IDE by TBD. Use libraries wxCmm and KetilO RAEdit.
control.zip (4k) Example of use any types of resources and communication MSXML with WindowsXP.
tlb.zip (40k) Plugin for truelaunchbar by Den Po.
wa_jfix.zip (2k) Plugin for WinAmp by Den Po.
whello_o.zip (2k) Example obj-file for Windows by AndreyCh.
gluk.zip (31k)
my3.zip (50k)
Demos by Constantine Stanislavski.
tinyedit.zip (30k) Example simple text editor by Kai-Hong Chen.
epack.zip (34k) Compression executable files format PE.
smart.zip (13k) Program of diagnostics of hard disks.
picolzo.zip (4k) Library compression data of method LZO by Kai-Hong Chen.
deltree.zip (7k) Program deleting directories with long names by Kai-Hong Chen.
ping.zip (3k) Fast Ping of local computer web.
move25.zip (11k) Program moves files with long names by Kai-Hong Chen.
vortex16.zip (3k) Vortex Sound Card detect by Kirill Joss.
smilies.zip (17k) Example use classes and inheriting.
usecom.zip (9k) Use COM for control taskbar.
modpl32.zip (83k) 32-bit MOD-player by Aleksey Dryamov.
gpc.zip (5k) Very useful utility for programming Windows graphics by Yaroslav Vashkevich.
w2d.zip (6k) Converter files from Windows-coding to DOS-coding and back for Russian by Yaroslav Vashkevich.
res2txt.zip (18k) Converter of resources to a text file by Yaroslav Vashkevich.
cmp.zip (28k) Program for comparing two files by Oleg Trifonov.
mod_ecvl.zip (280k) MOD player by Aleksey Dryamov.
cdtray.rar (5k) Example by Vladimir Gordeychik. Source codes demonstrating a few things - WIN32 structure of an application, installing an icon to the tray, creating a menu during operation of a program.
ocmd03t.rar (122k) Online Commander by Alex Carcass.
full_exm.zip (562k)
full_ex2.zip (547k)
Full package of all examples.
loader.rar (34k) Processor protected mode loader by Aleksey.
opengl.zip (18k) Header file and example by Aleksandr Zolotov for work with OpenGL.
nwipscr.rar (39k)
NoiseWiper - securely erases sensitive materials permanently so that is *absolutely* impossible to recover them.
iplist.zip (2k) List of all TCP/IP addresses in your network.
calc.zip (42k) Calculator for FAR, by Denis Kalachev.
fdf.rar (4k) Program to compare two files and create CRK, by Leon.
sphinx.zip (24k) 3D-demo.
dinrus.zip (17k) Keyboard and display Russifier for DOS by Aleksey Dryamov.
mb.zip (149k) "Combat at Sea" game by Aleksey Dryamov.
3d.zip (129k) 3D-demo by Aleksey Dryamov.
wtmplate.zip (5k) Template for creating Windows programs by Yury Benesh.
term.zip (9k) Combine DOS and Windows programs into one file.
lomsadze.zip (7k) Demos by Lomsadze.
udc.zip (2k) Text file code convertor.
txt2bmp.zip (5k) Convert a text file to a BMP graphic.
kill_nl.zip (5k) Delete superfluous NOT_LOGGED_IN conections on a Netware server.
idle.zip (1k) Reduce CPU load (for Windows).
fimage.zip (4k) Save and restore a disk image.
cps.zip (5k) Measure transfer rate in a network.
cmosview.zip (26k) View and edit CMOS.
dll.zip (3k) Example of an elementary DLL (for Windows).
dmenu.zip (3k) Example of an elementary program (for Windows).
first.zip (3k) First program (for Windows).
hello.zip (1k) Elementary program (for Windows).
play_amd.zip (16k) Play music files in AMD format.
minimize.zip (6k) Minimize all open windows under Windows 95.
midas.zip (103k) Use the midas11.dll library to play music files in XM, S3M, IT, and MOD formats.
32.zip (84k) 32-bit console C-- like compiler.
tasks.zip (1k) Example of a console program under Windows.
tunnel.zip (40k) Demo under Windows.
mod.zip (39k) Play music files in MOD format.
xc02.zip (4k) Compare 16-bit files (for crack creation).
demo_typ.zip (98k) Examples and description of various demo-effects.
other2.zip (15k) Examples of programs on various topics:
  • SR1816.C-- Disassembler for 1816VE39 microprocessor
  • KEYBR.C-- Russian keyboard driver
  • PLAY_FLI.C-- View animated files in FLI and FLC formats
  • multboot.zip (13k) Loading menu for Windows 95 (replaces F4).
    ha.zip (40k) HA archiver (1.5 times faster than the original).
    tetris.zip (8k) Game.
    life.zip (11k) Game.
    4gs67.zip (7k) STUB for loading DOS4GW.
    flight.zip (11k) Demo.
    flat.zip (19k) Use Pmode in C--, FLAT model.
    goraud.zip (7k) Three-dimensional graphic in C--.
    wallmapa.zip (34k) Demo of type Wolf/DOOM (no sound).
    flamvec.zip (4k) Rather good demo of using vector graphics.
    driver.zip (4k) Example of a device driver in C--.
    logoview.zip (21k) View Windows 95 logo.
    ptest.zip (15k)
    dpcitool.zip (28k)
    Example of programs using SHELL library.
    vga_demo.zip (61k) Demo in VGA mode.
    dos32.zip (2k) Example of a 32-bit program for DOS.
    simple.zip (2k) Tutorial examples (of type "Hello, World!").
    obj.zip (60k) Example of how to create an object file.
    vga.zip (87k) Print to screen in graphic mode.
    rock.zip (53k) Game.
    system.zip (4k) Examples of use of system functions (CPU, DPMI, VCPI, XMS).
    tsr.zip (26k) Examples of TSR programs.
    other.zip (18k) Examples of programs on various topics.