The compiler, utility, library and documentation. (2k) Library functions type printf by Denis Porfiryev. (609k) Library header files for programming under Windows. (331k) Documentation by QS_Ong in english on compiler in new format. (105k) Library for work in DOS16 by CyberRax. (31k) Library for work with images under Windows by Nikonov Alexey. (14k) Envelopment for compilation of programs by Nikonov Alexey. (258k) Object-oriented library with examples for making the programs under Windows by Kai-Hong Chen. (25k) Header file with example his usage. (10k) Header file by Ward. (4k) Resource linker by Yaroslav. (299k) C-- compiler (v0.239 b26 ) beta version. (267k) Compiler C-- (v0.239 b26 ) beta console version. (558k) (549k)
Full package of C-- compiler v0.238 with libraries and documentation. (205k) C-- compiler (v0.238 - latest stable release). (179k) C-- compiler (v0.238 - latest stable release. Console version). (118k) IDE v2.4 for C--. (18k) TSR for viewing files in Norton Guide format. (16k) Utility for working with library file. (44k) New library project. (355k) Library for work on C--. (40k) Mikael Nilsson's library for VESA video mode programming. (38k) Library of the window interface for DOS. (90k) Protected mode library. Supports DPMI/VCPI/XMS/raw. PMODE Clone by Tran. (135k) Soundblaster library by Alexey Dryamov. (15k) Compiled procedures file mainlib.ldp. (42k) Updated library for graphics operations in video mode 19 by Alexey Dryamov.